Sunday, June 28, 2009


Hey people.

So, I definitely got over-heated today. I went to church today and the young adults had to sing and we decided to wear black with whatever color acessories [bad idea, cause you can't give niggas too many choices] and after church we stood outside talking for I know atleast 20 minutes. So, I get in the car, and I'm fine. Until we get to McDonalds and start sitting for ANOTHER 20 minutes. [SaCURITY!]... A nigga feels real light-headed and nasueous...

So I take off my seatbelt, unbutton my button down [I have on a beater, don't get excited.] And am laying down in the backseat of my mother's VW beetle. It is then I realize how short I really am, because I fit in this little ass back seat comfortably. So, we get to the house and I'm floating..So I kinda panic because I know, I'll passout if I don't get under some cold air soon..

I don't want to scare my mom, at this point she just thinks my medicine is making me nauseous, so I go to my room and get all that damn black off and lay on my bed under the air. Yall, I was sweating bullets. But I promise 5 minutes later the nausea and head-floating were gone. My mom and brother don't know a nigga is bout to passout so they outside watering the flowers and shit...

When my mom comes back in, I tell her that I got over-heated so she makes me lay on her bed because she has a fan, eventually I fall asleep and now I'm here.

The End.

I HATE that feeling, I felt like death was knocking on my door, I must be getting old or something because I've been through band camp, and summers of only working outside with kids, or maybe I just didn't have enough water in my system. Whatever it is, I urge you to please be careful in this heat!

Don't end up like me laying in your mom's bed drinking bottled water!

Song of the Day:. "Growing Pains" DTP


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