Friday, June 5, 2009

Tipsy? Drunk? Happy? Love?

Don't know why I'm trying to blog at the moment.. I'm a bit Tipsy. Love my true friends they rock. Shout outs to Eric, he let me and Lane and many other people come to his crib, drink a little and dance as well. He rocks. I've realized I don't mention my friends much in here.. guess I should to that more, cause I love 'em... well, I don't mention the good ones.. I just mention the ones that get on my nerves and I don't use names.. Well, Eric's my boyeeee..

*whew... this is harder than I thot... LOL

I had a very romantic moment with my ex-boyfriend tonight. Kinda makes me wish the ex would turn into a 'next' he told me he loved me, we were in a nice embrace.. plus i was feelin kinda nice cause of the vodka and hyp... [blame it on the a a a a..] He's a good man, it was totally my fault that we ended. I was so immature. Why am I walking down memory road? LOL

I talk bad about love and realtionships.. and what not.. well.. 'least I think I do... but the little taste of love I got tonight was very sweet and refreshing. Like a piece of ice on ya chest on a hot day... ooohhh... i'm using metaphors.. Time for me to lay down.. LOL

Love and relationshiTs are still over-rated.. doesn't mean I don't want somebody for me tho.. ;)


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