Saturday, February 28, 2009


It's obvious that spongebob is a homosexual...

So, around eleven pm.. my roomate and her boyfriend come up in my room. UGH. Now, she's brung this GROWN ASS kidd in my room every weekend since he started going to college this semester. For one, I don't understand if you're going to go to college in a different town, why you gotta come home every fucking weekend.. and if you're a 20-year-old MAN why you got your 18-year-old girlfriend driving you around and shit. Not a good look for the '09... Steve Harvey said it best... the reason men treat us like shit is because our STANDARDS are too low.

If me having standards means I'mma be single... then... I guess I'mma be single. My standards ain't even that bad. If you with me, you have to either be in college, or working your ass off, you can't have no kids, and no parole officer... Is that too much to ask? My thing is, I'm not going to be taking care of someone just because I don't want to be lonely.. the only mofo that i'll be taking care of would have came straight outta me.. literally.. and that ain't happenin for YEARS.

BUT that ain't even the best part of the story... they had sex in the damn study lounge! EW! I just don't understand ladies.. Why do we sacrifice our bodies, integrity, morals and hearts for men (or women) who ain't SHIT? Your pussy ain't golden! An ignant muthafucka is gon be an ignant muthafucka. I don't care how good the pussy is.. YOU CAN'T CHANGE THEM!

I'm so frustrated with my people...

Write more later.


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Don't Be a Slut said...

I'm glad you developed common sense during your college years. I didn't come to my senses until my 30's. LOL.

Thanks for following my blog! I'm enjoying yours so far, too.