Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Falling in love with love with love is falling for make believe.."

Wake up, wake up world..

So.. It's Valentine's day. I never been a fan of Holidays. But hey, always a fan of chocolate so I ain't complaining to bad. I just feel like if I love you, I'm going to make sure you know everyday of the year. More so by my actions than my words. I feel lathargic. Haven't been taking my medicine... well, I ran out of the depression pill and I have to go into the doctor to get that perscription refilled. UGH! Anywho, I'm so digressing right now. Hope you're not getting bored...

So technically, I don't have a Valentine but I did have a gift delivered to a young lady that I'm kind of interested in. We spent some time together last night for the first time. It was nice. I can kind of tell she likes me.. just from the way she looks at me. But she's kind of playing it off, which is cool because I don't really need someone who wears their heart on their sleeve. Been there, done that. I was a good girl. I only kissed her on her cheek and we breifly held hands. Nice right?

So.. my wisdom tooth is coming in. I don't kno where the hell it thinks its going but hey.. we'll see what happens.

I want to see her tonight, but I'm going to put the ball in her court. Women love control and I always think it should be ladies first. If she wants to see me, she'll text me. If not, she won't and that's cool.

Well(p).. life is fine.. fine as wine.. (5 points if you kno who said that..)


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Haylee said...

I've never been a fan of the holiday neither, too commercial. Sometimes its nice to see the couples luvey-duvey every once in a while though.

I hate going to the doctor to get refills too, such a pain. I'm like can't you just fax the pharmacy your signature? Blah.

That was nice of you to do that for the lucky girl. Sounds like you're crushin' hard lol. She'll come around. :)