Sunday, February 8, 2009

a blogspot VIRGIN..

Hello all.. Um.. So, I used to use easyjournal to blog but I feel that its simply time for a change. I've been using easyjournal since 6th grade. Some things have changed since then. I feel like I should introduce myself but who cares? LOL I'mma start out with a bang. Here's a poem that I just wrote. Check it out.


Expressions of love
are vast in the way they can be shown
and easy to be made known
But what instrument do we use…
What notes to play when you wanna hear a
Love Tune?
we can start with the heart
since that is love’s creator.
then pluck the strings of the mind
since that’s love’s maker.
But at times I think we get confused
about what instrument can really play a love tune
For example…
even though I blow into it and put it in between my lips
you can’t love me with your dick
and even though you strum it with your fingers
and give it a few licks…
I can’t love you with my clit.
So lets use our instruments for the right purpose
so our love will be
Lets use our
hearts & minds for Lovin…
and our
dicks & clits for Fuckin.

© 2009

Whatchu think? I've only let my bruh and 'madre' read it. Oh yea.. madre's responsible for me moving over to blogspot. I believe this'll be a beautiful friendship.

Well.. that's all.

-C. Willy

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Lovely Virgo said...

yes i love this poem...brings great joy i tell ya...