Thursday, February 26, 2009

Karma King

Church, today I'll be talking about alter-egos and ultimately introducing you to mine.

At first I thought alter-egos were kind of lame. It all started when Beyonce introduced us to Sasha a couple of years ago during her role in the Pink Panther. She said that Sasha Feirce was who she turned into when she was on stage. I was like.. "Ugh.. no.. trick, you Beyonce.".. Then when she came out with "Single Ladies" and I saw this Robotic hand, I was real through. I was like B done ran out of material so she's using this Sasha gimick to sell records.

I was wrong.

Now, I don't know Beyonce personally but I kind of understand the alter-ego thing. B's a star. One of the greatest entertainers of my generation. She has a right to have an alter-ego. She's paid her dues. Not to mention, it just makes sense to me. We all have our government names; the people that we are every single day. I'm Carrie.. as I walk around on campus, and smile at people that's who you see. Beyonce (from what I can tell) is a very sweet, humble individual. But Beyonce can't go on stage and perform like Sasha can. B's too humble. I don't kno at what point I understood the alter-ego phenomenon... but now I do.. which leads me to introducing my own..

[coming to the stage....]

Karma King!!

Wake up, wake up world!

First let me start off by thanking Carrie for letting me have a little piece of her blog-world. She ain't have to do that. Carrie's a sweet-heart. She be dealing with shit that she doesn't need to but its ok. I guess i'm supposed to tell you about me... Well, it's easy to just say how i'm different from C.. See, I like night-life. I like partying till 6 in the mornin... Carrie's not much of a partier... [[she likes starbucks and shit like that]]. I love tequila. [[Carrie likes weed..]]. I love dancing and I hate techno. Me and C have that in common. I love dancing with beautiful women and feeling they asses.. Carrie just rather talk to 'em.. I'm not much of a talker. I'm a do-er. But yea.. me and Carrie gotta go sing.


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