Friday, February 20, 2009

Hello all. So.. I have an issue. In a previous entry.. I told yall that I was clinically depressed. Well, the doctor that perscribed this medicine won't call in anymore for me because I haven't come in. Well, I live in Louisville and she's in Lexington.. So basically she told me to find someone else to perscribe it. She didn't reccomend anyone in Louisville so it looks like I'mma be a ZOMBIE! Just playin, I'm about to go to campus health. I need this medince yall, I'm so sluggish/depressed without it. Crazy.

Well, I'm a bit hungry. Dunno what I wanna eat. Well, I want pizza but its expensive and I need my meal plan to last me till late April so.. but I will probably order pizza anyway just because.. I like it! LOL

I'll write more later. Love


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