Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When it hurts so bad...

Hey Yall...

I like to think my feelings are pretty strong. But they are hurt right now. I can't go into too many details... I just wish that she wouldn't only fuck with me when she wants something. Its confusing. My feelings for her are way stronger than hers for me, I realize that. But damn, I feel like a puppy waiting for scraps from the dinner table. The hardest thing to do to her is say no.. but I will if it minimalizes the hurt I feel when I get ignored 'cause she doesn't need me anymore.

I'm sorry for the emo entry, yall. I do it so I can read it and one, be humble and two, learn.

Shout outs to the beautiful ladies of Zeta Phi Beta for inviting me to be on their panel tonight. We discussed 'being black and gay' the questions were cute. This was a big step for me in my sexuality, yall. I don't discuss it personally 'specially on campus with these niggas. I think it was a good discussion, too. And you KNOW I got some numbers ;)

I may be heartbroken? But I still got it!

Alright, let me get on this laundry and this game spittin'.

song of the day:. "When it Hurts so Bad" -Lauryn Hill


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