Thursday, February 11, 2010

Facebook Fuckery

Hello children...

Social networking sites (facebook, twitter) have really changed the way we communicate. Frankly, I'm fed up. Now, since I'm away from home and have friends and family everywhere, facebook is the way I stay connected to my folks.. so I don't really want to stop using it all together... but some of my 'friends' and 'followers' really abuse the privilege of being connected to me virtually.


I put up controversial statuses sometimes, people get wayy too emotional. I don't want the people who 'like' my status to have 54 notifications because two people decide to duke it out via my status comments..

OR.. I put up a status and get text messages about it.. like we're having a conversation.. No, if you have something to say about my status, comment on it like the rest of my fans... OR if I put up song lyrics, God forbid I might just be listening to the song... if you have to ASK if its about you, its not ;)

Requesting MY friends. I HATE when I see two people become friends and the ONLY reason they have a connection is because of me. I feel liteweight violated... and I don't want my friends to be exposed to the socially retarded people that are in my life. Makes me look bad. Why request someone you've never laid eyes on anyway?

Lets see what else..

OH!! All these apps! Farmville, Sorority Life, Mafia Wars, Cafe... And it be GROWN ASS PEOPLE with JOBS playing these games...

Events, groups, fan pages, messages... Leave me alone.

So.. Yea, I just needed to rant a bit about the fuckery we know as facebook. I really want to delete a few people.. but that would cause unnecessary drama since I am friends/family members with said individuals..

There's more to talk about, but I'd like to lay down a bit before class.




bfears said...

i agree with u 1000%! My mom got mad at me cuz i wouldn't accept her hug on FB! like dude seriously? & thats one thing i hate about "liking" peoples statuses. the million & one notifications. ppl b having full fledged convos on statuses! smh.

Pink Vixxxen said...

Ay, you are funny as shit, girl!! So true though. I had one creepy lame from hs asking all my cute fb friends out. Eww. Also, I hate that bcuz ppl know I tweet and fb from my phone, when I update they text me and when I don't reply right away, they're like "why u not responding, I know ur up. I see u in Twitter" uh, stalkers