Monday, February 22, 2010

Living in a Gay world.

Because of my sexuality, I've realized that its not safe to say that "Heterosexual" is the standard. I mean that sexual lines and gender roles aren't black and white... and 'straight' people do a lotta stuff that is real gay to me. Call me stereotypical or whatever.. but I'm only going by personal experiences.

I was singing at a concert Sunday before last and a young man did some miming to a song, I forget which one. But I was sitting there looking at him like 'damn this looks familiar'. Then it hit me, this is a LOT like drag. Black people especially do a lot of gay shit and try to put a gospel spin on it then its 'ok'.

Then, just now I was looking at this guy's pics on fbook. He's greek.. and that seems REAL homo to me. A bunch of niggas standing around touching each other? Now, sororities aren't gay to me for whatever reason... but Frats are real homo to me, especially when they stroll... If you so straight, why put ya dick that close to another nigga's ass? I mean, its fine with me.. lol.. But it ain't 'straight' either..

Let me put a disclaimer on this... this may sound like being gay or 'homo' is something negative.. Its not, I'm just saying especially in black culture, there's a lot of stuff that is homosexual but at the same time in some places the gays are discriminated against when they contribute a lot to the culture.

I'm thinking about black and gay issues cause I've been asked to be on a panel (by some Greeks) on what it means to be black and gay in America. Frankly, I just be tryna live my life... I'm cool with being a guinea pig tho. I just want people to learn that I'm just like everyone else. I don't wanna be viewed as an outsider just because I might happen to kiss a girl. Especially, when I'm not alone in that boat ;)

alright, let me work on this powerpoint. More to come later. I appreciate my readers whole-heartedly.. As soon as I get my software together, I'mma do more blogs in the form of videos.

Song of the Day:. "You Are Not Alone" MJ


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