Monday, February 1, 2010

White people are crazy.

Hello, I feel like its a minute since I've blogged... So lets see, what have I been up to?

Saturday I went to the Rocky Horror Picture show.. I don't get all the hype. The first time I went I was sober and fell asleep, this time I told my friends they had to get me drunk if they didn't want me to sit at home. They did. It was still wack.

Anywho, in my race class today we discussed Chris Matthew's comment. For those who don't know, he said "He forgot Obama was black for an hour" during his State of the Union. Now, this statement proved that white people will try to defend the most disrespectful remarks. I try not to get mad but come on yall, even if he didn't have bad intentions (which I seriously doubt) it offended a whole bunch of people. Some try to argue that Matthews was trying to say that Obama "transcended" race during his speech and for once wasn't our 'first black president' but 'our president'. It is awfully interesting that race didn't need to be transcended in the presidency until someone with a race became the president. Also, people need to realize that black people have always thought of the previous 43 presidents as 'white men'... and we know that if Obama was doing something white people didn't like, he would become the 'black president' again.

Yall ain't foolin' me. Not to mention he's as white as he is black.

But anywho, I'm going to Dallas in less than 24 hours and I need to pack. I'm super excited. I hope I'll have pictures and experiences to share.. and I also hope there are some I can't ;)

Song of the Day:. "I Wish I Wasn't" Heather Headley.
(all of my songs mean something..)


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