Monday, February 8, 2010

200th and a year!!

This is a special day for my blog, yall. It's my 200th post and my one-year anniversary!!!

I feel like I should give an acceptance speech or dedicate this blog to someone, but i'm too selfish for that so... lets talk about my life..

Dallas was loads of fun. I learned a lot about the community and myself. I don't want to make anyone mad so I'll save my criticisms of the gay community for a rainy day, but trust. I do have plenty. About myself, I learned that regardless of where I go, I'm not going to fit in and in the words of my husband "and thats fine"... I just thought that since this was a Task Force conference I might find more people like me.. and I did. But in the grand scheme of things, I still feel like an outsider. I'm not mad about it, just had an epiphany.

I met some cool people. Shout-outs to them ;)

I also got to stay in the executive suite and I'm so mad I didn't steal one of those AMAZING bathrobes. I'd walk around in it all day if I could.

WHO DAT?! !?!!?!?  I'm super stoked that the Saints won! Nawlin's needed it.

iight. I have laundry and two tests this week. I can't be fuckin with yall all night.

Song of the Day:. "I find no fault in Him" -Fred Hammond


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