Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Waffle.

Alright yall... In the words of my homie.. "I'm not confused, I'm just distraught." I won't boost my ego and assume you a regular reader so I'll brief you on the situation at hand... Basically was talking to this girl, realized I wasn't attracted to her (we'll get to why later), told her that I just wanted to be friends and she didn't respect that. So, I got fed up and do what we do in this decade, deleted her off facebook, blocked her from my tweets and deleted her number outta my fone.. (But I kept her friend's number.. #dontjudge)

Now, she's been calling me every 4 or 5 days which is rare for her and we have these really awkward conversations. Last night, she called and we got into a discussion about women. It all started when I told her that I found myself not being attracted to women much anymore. She went in to how all women basically wore their emotions on their sleeve and were needy. I disagreed because, I'm neither and I'm a woman. Then she said women only suppressed it for me because they thought I was a big deal. I felt frustrated because she blames everything on me and a simple discussion was quickly getting emotional (as it does with women)...

Yall ever heard that women are spaghetti and men are waffles? Well, I musta missed some chemicals because i'm a waffle. [and i'm color blind.. momma, what was you smoking during pregnancy?!?!?] If I'm discussing something even if I'm passionate about it, I'm not going to get emotional because frankly, i'm always right and if its just a discussion, who cares? If it can be discussed its always gonna be debatable!

She got emotional and some how it got to her not getting on twitter anymore because I blocked her.. Yall, she only got on twitter to read my tweets.. and then when I blocked her she never got on anymore, what else am I supposed to think, and then am I not supposed to think I'm a big deal? She got mad 'cause I called her out.. #kanyeshrug.

Of course I turned into the bad guy.. It always goes back to me being heartless and selfish and 'not ready to love her'... which is bullshit because frankly if you're love-able I'm going to love you regardless... I'm not in love with her, and at this point, I'll even go as far to say I don't love her. She just has too many insecurities...

She argued that if you love someone you have no choice but to show it... and I think you always have a choice.. What do yall think? I love my sister, but I don't fuck with her 'cause she's a mooch. Does it mean that I don't love her because I don't fuck with her?

In the words of Tina Turner.. "Whats Love gotta do with it?!"

I don't usually solicit comments, but your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Especially the ladies.. I need a 'spaghetti perspective'.

Song of the Day:. "If I Were You" Tamia


For those who don't know.. Men are waffles because they can separate emotions from everything.. like the squares in a waffle.. and Woman are spaghetti because everything is all mixed.. just like spaghetti..

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