Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tyler Perry on Black in America..

So, I'm watching Black in America on CNN. I knew a little of Tyler Perry's story.. but they went in depth, yall I'm feeling all inspired. Now, a lot of people criticize his Madea character, but I think that we should only criticize when that image of Madea becomes un-true. There's no doubt I find Madea so funny because I've seen her in the women in my life as I was growing up and today. He didn't make Madea up, he's just going by his experience. We'd be talking bad about him if all he portrayed was burgeious negros.. He portrays both. I think he does a GREAT job of representing 'us'.. Why Did I Get Married? is def on the top 10 of my great movies list.

There are so few of us represented in the media that we should be VERY careful who we criticize, when and where. I'm not saying that we should just accept any black person on TV, because there IS fuckery out there... (shout outs to the Wayans brothers and Frankie and Neffie) but I don't think Tyler contributes to the fuckery. Frankly, he's the last person we should be worried about, lets get on these rappers and singers, please if we want to criticize....

Not to mention, we're only contributing to the double standard of being 'properly represented' if we're so diverse as a culture, one man can't represent us properly anyway right?


How rude of me for not offering greetings before I jumped on my soap box? Hello, Hope all is well in ya life..

The weekend was pretty cool, got to sing with the choir twice. My voice is very tired and mad respect for those who make a career out of singing. Speaking of, I met Vanessa Bell Armstrong today.. She had on a badddddd mink coat, yall.

Depending on the amount of snow we get, I have a busy week ahead. I'm just working on finding that balance to stay busy enough to not have time to be depressed, and not kill myself. Right now, I'm doing tooooo much!

Alrighty, watching my boo on CNN I'm distracted...

Song of the Day:. "Irreplaceable" Beyonce.. "you must not know bout me!"


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