Thursday, August 13, 2009

What ta do?!

Hey Hey...

Ok, So I have a situation that I'm just not sure about. I can't say any names cause it is the world WIDE web but I have this female friend who's recently got involved with a guy I have reason to believe is gay. See, he dated [fucked] one of my male friends. Now, yall know I'm liberal when it comes to sexuality. But my male friend says he's gonna hurt her and that I need to tell her cause he's really gay and just frontin. BUT he spends time with her privately so why does he need to front to just her? I'm living proof that its possible to like both.

I just don't want her to get hurt, but they aren't heavily involved like they ain't fuckin.. God I hope they aint. My instincts is telling me to stay the hell out of it but I don't wanna see my friend hurt and what if the tables were turned? [Idk how turned they can get cause its obvious to me that dude is sweeeetttt]

I don't wanna bust anyone's balls or burst any1's bubbles and I'm not losing sleep over it, but this could turn out to be serious business if she finds out... God forbid she finds out about HIS sexuality AND then finds out that I knew... She'd have beef with me!

But I'd be such a hypocrite for outing him. [Then again, I don't hide my sexuality from those I'm involved with.. my men know I like women and my women know I like the D.. I sounded like a straight hooker right there] It IS his buisness... but he might be messing with my girl's heart and mind and that ain't cool either.

Why do men have to lie? They are so BAD at it!

And my problem is I'm holding him up to MY standards. I feel like I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt?

Hmmm... some1 please give me your opinion!

Song:. Never Never Land, Lyfe Jennings.


afrostar said...

so, what di you do c-willy?

The Kidd said...

Kept my black ass out of it... Never saw this comment. Woulda responded with a quickness...

The Kidd said...
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