Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Neglectful am I.. I know. AH well.

This week is the Bible Conference at my church. I was volunteered to teach the 10-11 year old girls class. You know I love the kids... It has been an expierence indeed. They won't shut the hell up. But its ok. I still haven't learned to and I'm 10 years older..

Its hard for me to blog cause my space is all unorganized so my thoughts are as well. I've been very indecicive (sp?) lately... sucks. I really need to clean this room and what not.

So yea, I'm going back to school in a couple of weeks. I'm very excited and SOOOOO ready. I wanna get my learn on and be on my own again. I love my momma but... yea, its time for me to go!

Wellp, I'll think of a thought provoking topic and write later.. just updating for now..

Song of the Day:. "Back That Ass Up" Juvenile... I know, I'm on my hood shit..


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