Thursday, August 13, 2009


Regarding the last entry... I think I'm going to just stay out of it. I like to stay drama [and recession] free. I want to protect my friend but she's a big girl [hell, older than me] and people don't appreciate ya efforts so I'll avoid dissappointment.

I'm stressed. I'm in a state of waiting. I'm supposed to go to school next weekend and they don't have my money together or my dorm. I really need this to happen so I'll stop thinking about it. Its like I know in my heart everything will work out but I just want it on paper. I just want to know everything's going to be ok ya know?

Yall, I've been having these explicit dreams. Always right before I wake up. They suck and I'm always waking up with my heart pounding... Not a good way to wake up. It fucks up my whole day. I wish they'd stop. I have times when I have dreams alot. I just want a peaceful sleep.. Shit, I wouldn't mind a wet dream! LOL.

I'm tired of the same ole shit. I know its all about to end but I'm so bored in this house. But I don't feel like going anywhere. I feel like I'm going infuckingsane.

What ta do?!

Song:. "Chasing After You" Tye Tribbett... so beautiful.


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