Thursday, July 30, 2009

I need to write! [poem]

I need to write!
The pen keeps callin’ my name but I ignore it!
I need ta write…
But I have ‘so much to do’
seas of excused I’m swimmin’ thru
Keepin’ me from my pen..
Holdin all my feelings within…
I need to write!
So I can keep my cool
and not shake the shit outta you!
I need to write
So when I’m calm,
I can be the calmest.
I’m worried about shit…
but I know when my words swim through blue seas
It changes perspectives
I needa write!

© 2009 *Star Fresh!


Nadege said...

cool poem - I can relate to
having that need to write jones-thing going on all the time.

Carrie said...

:) Thanks. I always need to, but sometimes something's stopping me. Like I'm protecting myself or something?