Sunday, July 12, 2009

Music. Part 1. The Bad.

I haven't blogged in ages.. I'm sorry. I've just been having some issues. Haven't really felt like myself. The depression has its bad days. I've had a slew. But a nigga ain't suicidal...

Went to church today, that gets harder and harder with each summer. My pastor died a year and a half ago. We still haven't seen a new pastor.. and the guys left... frankly can't preach. I never had a headache of boredum.. Pray for us.

Anywho, I've been on a music kick lately. Well, I'm always talking about the phenomenon we know as music. I don't listen to mainstream. Never turn on the radio.. cause when I do... I get mad. Today, I heard Charlie Wilson on a song with Lil Kim! and as much as I WANT to like "Birthday Sex" I just can't. We gonna ride out, fuck on your couch, sip moet and I don't get no candles or cake? Rewind.. whats wrong with that?

1. We gonna ride out and only end up at your house? If I'm getting cute and putting on my best gears [english speak for clothes] then we need to go to the club or somethin!

2. You gonna fuck me ON THE COUCH?! Its my damn birthday! Can I get a bed with some silk sheets, outside under a tree? SOMETHIN!

3. Sip Moet? If we only going to your house, fuckin on your couch AND I don't get candles or cake? I need something thats gonna FUCK ME UP... Where's Jose?!

All jokes aside.. The song sounds nice... But, ladies we really have to analyze these songs... And close our legs when things aren't up to par.

Next, Drake is fiiiiiinnnnneeee as hell.... Lil Wanye.. is not. Both are good rappers.. Their subject matter is just... "I wish I could fuck every girl in the world" Why? Your dick will fall straight off... I think I like that song a little tho.. The word play is too cute.. "Lesbihonest.." hehehehe

Ok, next entry... I'll talk about GOOD music.


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