Monday, July 20, 2009

10 random questions..

Ok folks, upon reading my previous entries I realize that I owe you a 'good' music blog and a 'how not to throw up from drunkness' blog... In due time. Yall know I don't do stuff in order. I haven't forgot.. but I might need reminders..

Anywho today, I'm going to answer 10 random questions... I got these from my girl Kia's blog. She's following me, check her out. Alright, presenting.. 10 random questions about..... me!

1. What is one thing that if taken away from you will make Carrie not Carrie?
Not that it can be taken away... but my relationship with God and my faith in Jesus Christ would totally make me a different person. I attribute a lot of things about myself to my relationship with Him.

2. What is one thing you must do before you turn 30?
Have my masters in.... something! LOL

3. What song describes your life up til right now?
Hold on.. I must consult iTunes for this one..... "Through the Wire" Kanye West.. I used to listen to this song almost every morning.. just because I'm going through the wire to get to wear I need to just like Kanye's talking about in his song... There are alot of songs actually.. but for the sake of time and boredum.. I'll just use Kanye..

4. If someone told you the world was about to end what would you run out and do?
I wouldn't believe them.. cause God only knows when that happens... but.. I live every day like I'm finna die.. So, I'd live my life and wait for God's will.

5. Growing up what was one thing you did that was no proper for a kid your age to do?
I had grown-up conversations with adults and cursed at times. I was quite the mature child... probably not a joy to be around.

6. Favorie dr suess book?
Hop on Pop.. Dr. Suess was a genius.

7. Whats one quote that speaks to you?
"God's will won't take you where God's grace won't keep you..."

8. Biggest regret and you can't say I don't have none cause you learn from..blah blah...
My biggest regret is getting into a 'realtionship' with... well, I won't name drop.. but.. the last relationship I was in with a certain female really just.. idk, hurt me bad.. I learned from it.. but I still regret that shit.

9. What's one thing that you have to have in your first house..
Lots of art... of all of my inspirations.

10. How bad do you crave the d?
I don't crave the 'D' often... Don't get me wrong, the D's great when I get it.. but if I crave anything... Its the soft curves of a woman.. sorry guys..

Well(p)... I'mma lay down with a good book.. my summer's quickly coming to a close.

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