Sunday, July 19, 2009

My most embarassing moment.

Alright folks. You know how people ask "Whats your most embarassing moment?" Well, up until this morning, I would always say.. "I don't get embarassed."

That has all changed folks... It all started last night when I consumed what was apparently too much vodka in a short period of time... with my two best friends no doubt.. Everyone in the house was passed out by 1... well hell, idk. I know I was passed out by one.. I THINK I woke up around 3am to use the bathroom and make sure the house was locked and the alarm was on... [mothergoose was away..] Then I woke up around 9am with HORRIBLE nausea.. I mean, the type of hangover where you like 'I'm never fucking drinking again...' My bestie was passed out on my air mattress... The room was spinning and everything was wayy to bright and loud...

I made a couple of trips to the bathroom, turned the air on full blast got me somethin cold to drink and went back to sleep... or tried... when my bestie woke up, I wanted to go to Sonic cause I hadn't ate anything the day before.. [[thats probably why my dumbass got drunk so fast and passed out... ]]

So, I thought I had taken care of my nausea with the first couple of trips to the bathroom, but apparently those were just the preliminaries... [Sorry, I'm trying not to be so graphic in case I have weak-stomached readers]

The longer I sat in Sonic's drive thru the sicker I got... By the time I pulled up to the speaker, I told my bestie.. 'yea.. i'm about to throw up' I could feel her looking at me because I was probably sweating bullets. I proceeded to open the door and by the time the girl asked me what my order was.. I was decorating Sonic's drive thru. So embarassing. My friend was rubbin my back and shit.. Not G behaviour.. In between um.. yea.. I told her "hold on" and she was like "Order when you're ready..."

My bestie.. always the humorous one.. was like.. "Is this bitch really throwing up?" I wanted to laugh.. but I was busy.. I got it together and proceeded to order. All I could eat was tater tots.. and my friend made me get a sprite

So yea, throwing up in Sonic's drive thru is definitely my most embarassing moment... Hope the girl wasn't listening to me on the speaker... cause she got an earful. My bestie was like "Why you embarassed? Its just me." I was like that ain't the point.. I'm a G and I can't be loosing last nights alcohol outta the wrong end in public.

Well, there you have it kids.. I'm using myself as an example. I follow up with a blog on how NOT to drink yourself into sickness...


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