Tuesday, July 14, 2009



Last night I went to go see Bruno. No one likes a good laugh more than me.. and yes, I did laugh at times. But... this movie just went to far. Cohen is a VERY talented actor... to be able to stay in character in those situations is no small feat.. But as a comedian, there are some things you must realize can NEVER be joked about.

In the beginning of the movie, he talked about Hitler like he was a damn movie star. I wish I remembered the direct quote... Something along the lines of.. "The first guy from Austria got rediculed because he wanted to try something new.." I don't think its EVER to make light of the Holocaust...

He tried to make sexual advances at Ron Paul, he made Paula Abdul sit on Mexican people, he traded an African baby for an iPod... THEN took a picture of him on a crucifix, he tried to get an Iraqi terriost group to kidnap him so he could become famous...

Frankly, some shit just isn't funny. I'm open-minded and I think its good to push boundries.. but he was just being distasteful for no reason...

Lets get famous for talent?


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