Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Promo.. showing love.

Hey yall, I don't promote the people I love enough in this blog. Last night I went to Poetry in Motion put on by my boy @DevineCarama. He's not only a friend but a DOPE emcee. Go to his website here listen to his music and enjoy. He's one of those rappers that make you wanna listen to what he's saying.. He's gotta Lupe/Tupac flow.

I got on the mic and did my poem entitled A Drunken Dream. I hadn't been on the mic since highschool. I was mad nervous but very liberated. I had been frustrated that day and expressing yourself is one of the best forms of therapy. Good stuff.

Ah yes.. and its the second Wednesday of the month you know what that means?! Black Girl Day!! I'll take this opportunity to say Peace to the memory of a black girl who has paved the way for many of us.. Mrs. Lena Horne. I was so bummed to hear of her death. Here's a vidy of her singing stormy weather.

Just a little promo. Watching Tyra.. this man has a vagina.. and I'mma throw up.


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