Friday, May 14, 2010

Interracial relationships: Why I can't adjust.

In a perfect wonderful world, love would be blind. I really want us to be able to love across gender and color lines. We can, but regardless, it'll be political. Why?

The world is not perfect.

I am not perfect.

That being said. The black man/white female relationship is very political.. regardless of if the two are genuinely in love. Any time a black person dates outside of their race (especially white tho) its political. I dunno how it is with other ethnicities. Wouldn't be surprised if there was controversy involved. The thing I realize the white woman who loves a black man has to deal with is the black females involved in said black male's life. His sisters, cousins, mother, sister, aunts, friends... A black man who's in a relationship with a white woman will always get flack from the black females in his life.. regardless of if she's around or not.

Church, I have two examples then I'mma get outta your way..

Example 1
My cousin (our grandmothers are sisters so we aren't that close) is married to a white woman. Yesterday I saw a spider. Deathly afraid of spiders. I screamed. My mommy killed it for me. We had a funeral for the spider.. Anyway... I put on my fbook that "I screamed like a #whitegirl" at the sight of the spider. My cousin's white wife commented and said "watch it with the white girl jokes.. "

For her sake, I hope she was joking.

The thing is, my cousin was the one who chose to date a white woman. I talk about white people. I can't adjust because of his relationship. Not going to.

Example 2
I just came from seeing "Nightmare on Elm Street" with some homies... I give it 2.5 stars. Friends and I went to waffle house good friend of mine from highschool is "engaged" to this white girl. I again said something about white girls and my friend said.... "Yo.. you can't say that... " Being the asshole I am I raised an eyebrow and said "Why not?"

Like I said, I COULD make an effort to do better.. but the whole defiant black woman mentality gets the best of me. By no means am I jealous. Both white women are fat and unattractive. One guy's my cousin, one's a closet case... But I just don't feel like I should adjust in my laidback non-political life. I'm political for a living. Not while at home.. Not on facebook or at wafflehouse. Not politically correct when I'm relaxing. Sorry...

Am I an ass?

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