Thursday, April 8, 2010

On to the next...

I don't like blogging while mad... and Idk if mad is even an accurate word for how I feel... and the medicine might be the only reason I'm calm.. *sigh* Lets get right into it shall we?

For whatever reason.. (I have my theories) a lot of females have been getting at me this semester. I'm flattered... I promise I am.... I mean, no ugly girls either yall.. pretty brown girls with big booties beautiful smiles and jobs and shit... So... this blog is for any and everyone trying to win my affections... I'mma let yall know some very important facts...

IF you just want to fuck me? Don't come at me like you wanna date me... A physical relationship with me does not involve mind games. It involves you being honest, discrete and respectful. Let me know you want to fuck, why, how you like it and provide me with a copy of negative STD tests and we'll get going. But don't come at me like you want me to cuff you (is that the right term?) and then I hit it and you front me on the yard... You don't have to trick me into hitting that... To me, its just not that serious.

I'm hedonistic, and I love a good workout..

Second, require more of me. Please. I'm a dog... and if you don't require my respect? You won't get it. It's so attractive when a woman makes it hard for me. I want to pursue you.. I want to fail once or twice, makes it that much better when I win your affections. If I know I CAN hit it, I probably will and then I'll *yawn* and frankly be done..

Third, sexuality is a very sensitive subject and I understand that its not easy for brown girls to say they like girls too.. By no means do I want you to wear your sexuality on your sleeve, but if you want everyone to believe you gotta dick in your mouth, don't get at me... How am I supposed to feel if you're in my bed and I'm being fronted on the yard? I'm a dog but I got feelings too! I'm soooooo tempted to call people out sometimes... be like... "You can't speak? Did you not have a hand and mouthful of the Kidd last night?"

Just some things I've encountered yall... By no means have I shed tears or lost sleep over any of the scenarios above... I just wont be disrespected and again.. Won't be letting things slide. I tweet, blog and fbook about them.. but I confront them face to face too..  I see them all as training for who I'm really supposed to be with.. and if you don't think I already know who she is.. I do. #shoutouts to "Juliet" I'll be under your window tonight :)

Song of the Day: "Three Letter Word


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