Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gay & Black. Not the same.

Morning, yall. I know it might not be morning when ya read, but its morning as I write.. and morning somewhere.. So a nigga is relevant..

Church, I came to blog about why gay rights are not like those of black rights. Why? you say would I blog about this? Because as a young activist, the two biggest groups I advocate for are queer folks and those of color... White gay men in particular think that just because they are gay they are 'down' or something... It is a big insult when (black) civil rights are put in the timeline of gay rights. Frankly, its not the same movement and not the same impact.

There have been a couple of instances on the yard where again a white gay man tries to make the word "Faggot" the same as "Nigger"... or compares the civil rights movements of black people to those of gay people. For one, being gay and being black isn't the same thing.

As a queer woman of color, black is who I am... 'gay' is who I happen to be boning at the time.

When I walk into a room, you see my chocolate skin, my locs, my booty, my lips, my nose.. you see a black woman. You do NOT see a gay woman. You can't cause well.. I can't gay.. lol.. and two, I can't wear my most intimate desires on my sleeve. Gay people have the privilege of hiding that they are gay if they want. It's a convenience as a black woman, I wish I had.

But on a larger scale, the histories of black people and gay people are different. Enslavement was a long time ago, but it still affects us and puts us as a people under white privilege, gay people haven't had to go through that. For one, gay people have been around forever and have their own clubs, tv networks, movies, all of fashion and culture in general. There's a place for gay people in society, a small place, but hell a place. You want a straight interior designer, or make-up artist? I think not..

Who do black people have? Al Sharpton and Tiny & Toya..

Gay people never had to drink out of different water fountains, use different bathrooms, go to the back door of a restraunt to get their food, sit on the back of a bus, or fight in wars for a country that sees them as 2/3s of a person. Frankly, gay people chose to be discriminated against because they chose to say they're gay. There are plenty of queer folk in the closet because they don't particularly wanna be discriminated against.

My point is, its very offensive when gay people try to jump on the nigga bandwagon because they want to be able to get married and adopt children.... Hell, its very offensive when ANYONE tries to jump on the nigga bandwagon. Why in HELL would you want to get married or have kids anyway?! LOL


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